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Rear Projection Screen Films 

Sticky Screens represent the latest in optical film technology and have developed a series of rear projection films that not only out perform the competition in image quality, but at a fraction of the cost. Each film has an invisible adhesive layer allowing them to be affixed to any clear rigid substrate.
Sticky Screen Rear Projection films are available in seven versions; Shadow Grey, Ultra White, Black Max, Ninja Grey 20, Ninja Grey 30, Prism Mirror and Holo Clear. Each featuring it's own unique diffusion and light scattering properties. So whether you need a high contrast screen, bright screen or a see-through screen we've got you covered.

Why choose StickyScreen rear projection films?

  • Better black levels
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Better light dispersion with limited hot spots or dark corners
  • Greater installation flexibility with short-throw projectors and off axis projection
  • 60” width allowing for larger screens without seams
  • Exceptional value
Perfect solution for those requiring a less
obtrusive film that performs well in ambient light.
A unique perforation pattern is utilized allowing
you to see through the film while maintaining
contrast. Perfect for retail environments.
Available in two versions: 
Ninja Grey 20 - Less perforation for more image
Ninja Grey 30 - More perforation for a better "See
Through" effect.

An extreme contrast screen film that delivers
the deepest blacks to offset high ambient light.
Perfect for impactful outdoor advertising.

A dual sided white screen film that enables
the image to be viewed from the front and
rear simultaneously.
A dark grey screen film that offers a great
combination of excellent contrast with rich
saturated colors for indoor or outdoor use.
A white translucent screen film that boasts
bright image with vibrant colors and a
wide viewing angle without hot spotting.
Perfect for subdued indoor enviroments.
This transparent screen film features
exceptional brightness and colors with a
projected image and nearly invisible without.
Ideal choice in a room with little to no
ambient light.










VindowHD installation using Shadow Grey

How to apply StickyScreen rear projection screen films
To apply these films to glass, acrylic or any rigid transparent surface, have the following items ready to use:
o      Rear  projection Film
o       Spray bottle with a water/soap solution: 1qt water to ½ teaspoon of amber colored baby shampoo is recommended
o       Window tint squeegee or “Hard Card”
o       Rubber-Blade squeegee
o       Paper towels and/or dry soft cloth (preferably microfiber)
o       Masking tape to mark the boundaries of the screen (if smaller than the substrate)
o       Razor Knife or Sharp Scissors to cut the film to size or a particular shape if desired
1.      Thoroughly clean the substrate of dust, dirt or oils using the water/soap solution, dry the surface using the rubber-blade squeegee. Closely inspect the surface for any contaminants and re-clean the surface if necessary. Do Not use any ammonia based products before or after the installation of your StickyScreen rear projection screen film.
2.      Use the tape to mark the area that the film will be applied (if the film is smaller than the substrate.) This can be marked from the opposite side.
3.      Carefully peel the release liner from one corner of the film (Tip: put a piece of scotch tape on both sides of a corner and pull apart to separate the film from the liner), thoroughly wet the adhesive side of the film with the water/soap solution as you pull back the liner.
4.      Place the film carefully on the substrate being careful not fold or crease the film while aligning the edges to the tape.
5.      Once in position spray the surface with the water/soap solution and remove the water and any air bubbles between the film and substrate with the Window Tint squeegee or Hard Card by carefully squeezing the water from the center of the film toward the edges.
 6.      Remove any excess water with paper towels or clean soft cloth.





StickyScreen self adhesive rear projection screen film, a quality low-cost solution to 3M Vikuiti and for all your rear projector needs.
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